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Overlapping Realities - Residential Tower



Motionless: forced to double meaning, or brought to perceive the sensible reality not through the physical form of experience, the built, but by simulating reality itself in a virtual world that anticipate the sensory emotions that so remain too far away to be expected. We can no longer wait, we have to respond to the conditions of modern history, the urban forms that contain sublime imaginations and preserve the Constitutive Act, the initial thought, the imaginative action; the city therefore must reserve spaces for being abstract, must allow its contemporaneity, must deliver the fields of experience. Deprive the inexorably and rapid decline of residential urban form, in which,on one hand we can still understand the boundaries of History,but on the other we have confused the idea of living with the floor area, the idea of life as evolution + revolution with the idea of citizens considered as patients,a subject to be help and save by a planning department.We must observe and listen to this dissonances, perceive and read the differences, design through the „conflicts“ of the contemporary world.
All of this is investigated in this project a series of proposal for new type of residential buildings where the language
of architecture will be tested through a set of new parameters.

Marina Panceri

Master Student at Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA), HS Anhalt
Studio Title : After Geometry
Studio Master : Attilio Terragni
Completed : Summer Semester 2017