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Summer Semster 2015 Compendium

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Karim Soliman     March 31, 2015    


Welcome Back to the Summer Semester 2015


Dear Students,
DIA welcomes you back to the summer semester and welcome the new exchange students joining us this semster in its Master Program which has taken up speed from having initially 10 students more than a decade ago to now about 220 participants from over 50 countries. It is this multi facetted atmosphere within the course, which is its trademark. And all this is mostly created by you.

I hope you can enjoy your time here in Dessau and take back both a unique academic experience and a valuable degree when you return home. The DIA teaching staff is looking forward to sharing this experience with you. If you should run into difficulties of any kind and at any time during your stay here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindly yours,
Prof. Alfred Jacoby, Director DIA


Curriculum DIA

As of 2010 the Directory Board at DIA decided to introduce a division of teaching at DIA into a First and Second Year. This is necessary to insure competent and thoughtful teaching at Mastercourse Level at DIA with its 200+ students. This means there will be separate teaching units for the 4 Compulsory Courses for each of the two years with a list of common electives which are offered and open for both years. (First Year = 1st and 2nd Semester and Second Year = 3rd and 4th Semester). This Summer Semester will therefore have approx. 90 Students who are going to finish their Thesis this semester. The First Year will still offer different Studios of choice.


First Year Studios

In the First Year, Studios offered run only over the period of one semester. This should give students a chance to experience different thematic possibilities before focussing on the thesis Year. Studios will be lead by a Studio Master and take place twice a week. They earn a student 10 ects credits and are regarded as the core of the mastercourse. The studios introduced here are restricted in attendance to First Year Students at DIA.


Each students have to choose one of these studios as a first choice and another one as second choice. After attending the introduction you can check the studio Briefs in the links below, if you are intrested click on the enrollment link (will be available on 1st April 8:00 PM) and join the studio communication group. write on the wall your choice either its your First or Second.


Your portfolios have to be uploaded to the portfolio directory, which is used by teachers in case they have more students appying than they can accept at their studio or elective.
Click here to know how to upload your Portfolio


01 Studio Akbar:

Maximum city „Istanbul: Beyoglu district in transition”

Studio Master Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar


02 Studio Chermayeff & Hönig:

NEWTOWN Creek Art Storage

Studio Masters: Sam Chermayeff & Tobias Hönig


03 Studio Jacoby

“Moving Mountains - Painting, Sculpting and Building” 

Studio Master Prof. Alfred Jacoby


04 Studio Kalachev 

ARGUS Climate Research Station

Studio Masters: Alexandr Kalachev


05 Studio Kister

The Prayer and Learning House of Three Religions in Wittenberg

Studio Masters: Prof. Johannes Kister


06 Studio Meyer-Grohbrügge

Museum Der Moderne

Studio Master Prof. Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge


07 Studio Niebergall

BAUHAUS Museum Dessau – another statement

Studio Master Prof. Ralf Niebergall


08 Studio Rein-Cano

Seoul Skyway  

Studio Master Prof. Martin Rein-Cano


09 Studio Soliman


Studio Master: Karim Soliman


10 Studio Terragni

After History

Studio Master Prof. Attilio Terragni


11 Studio Werner

Excessive Repetition: SYNT[H]ACKS MUTATION 

Studio Master Prof. Liss C. Werner



Compulsory Courses

Next to the studio there are three compulsory courses to be attended within the first three semesters of study at DIA. They take place each week and earn 4 ects credits each.


Architecture Theory III:

Prof. Jasper Cepl 

course for First year students


History of European Cities:

Prof. Alfred Jacoby

course for First year students


Urbanism II:

Prof. Dr. Andrea Haase

course for First year students



Cad Logic:

This Compulsory course, Students from Both First year and Second year can choose one of the next 3 are asked to make a first and second choices 


CadLogic - Krastev:


Tutor:  Krassimir Krastev


CadLogic - Soliman:

Intro to Digital Fabrication Methods

Tutor: Karim Soliman





DIA offers a broad spectrum of different electives this semester. These courses offer students the choice of
either deepening their knowledge in a special field or to venture into a theme that is very different to the task tackled in their studio.

First Year Students have to choose two out of the offered courses at DIA. Registration restrictions due to capacity concerns may apply.

Two electives make one module which gives you 5 credits. You only get credits if (or as soon as) you have completed two electives successfully.



01 Urban Salon

“Death and life of urbanity“

Prof Dr. Omar Akbar


02 Architecture and Migration

Dr. Regina Bittner


03 Space and Volume

Sketching and Drawing in Meissen and Dresden

Prof. Angelika-Christina Brzóska


04 Disappearing architecture

Architecture as Fiction and vice-versa

Prof. Roger Bundschuh


05 Typologies: Past and Present

Prof. Jasper Cepl


06 Walter Benjamin, 50 Cent & The Pharaohs Sarcophagus 

Sam Chermayeff & Guest Mirja Reuter


07 OldNew

The Practice of Transforming Architecture

Prof. Joris Fach


08 Types and places – Open spaces

Prof. Dr. Andrea Haase


09 Design Economies

Prof. Gunnar Hartmann


10 Design by Algorithm

Prof.  Krassimir Krastev


 11 Architecture of Informality_Beyond Slum

Prof. Ivan Kucina


12 collect

Prof. Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge


13 aaaviary – A Space for music

Prof. Peter Ruge


14 Le Café
Lucio Rossi


15 Workshop / Competition: Students Café
Lucio Rossi and Larisa Tsvetkova
Information and submittion:


16 After Reading

Prof. Attilio Terragni


17 Analogue Digital Computational 

Prof. Liss C. Werner


Enrollment will start on 1st April 8:00 pm and end on 6th of April at 00:00.

Good Luck to you all!!!





01 Hitchhicker Guide to Hyperreality

Prof. Neil Leech


02 Soft Thought: Towards a Theory of Digital Design

Prof. Neil Leech